Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Monkey Business

You are probably familiar with the quote (saying?) give a thousand monkeys a typewriter and they can write the works of Shakespeare. Well PETA got mad and set the monkeys free. So instead of slave monkey labor, we can turn to Monkey Shakespeare Simulator (via Bookslut). Just imagine how much these folks are saving in the cost of bananas alone! As long as the page is open your computer acts like a couple of monkeys typing randomly on a typewriter. The page displays the keystrokes and any Shakespeare matches. So far a whopping 13 consecutive letters have been matched in Measure for Measure (the most I've gotten so far is 11). Looks like this might go on for quite a while. But hey, no one ever said the monkeys could write Shakespeare in a timely fashion, only that they could. Of course we may all be dead by the time they manage it so we'll never know.