Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This Waffle Needs Syrup

I am such a dork. I mentioned my book periodical dilemma recently. When I wrote it I was fully planning on sending in the subscription card to the TLS. But then I got to thinking, a very dangerous thing, and decided I was being utterly ridiculous. I was determined to free myself from the tyranny of the periodicals. I would not buy anymore and I would let my NY Review of Books subscription lapse in the fall. I would only keep Bookforum and Rain Taxi. Between those and reading blogs, I would be in no need of anything else. I even tossed my TLS subscription card into the recycle bin. I felt good. Then on Sunday I got a brilliant idea. Instead of packing a heavy book in my bike bag for work, I'd start taking the much lighter book reviews. That's how I will have enough time to read them all. I'm a genius! I even dug through the recycling before it got put out and removed the TLS card. But I felt naughty for doing it and couldn't bring myself to actually write a check. I've been taking Bookforum to work with me. I read a great article about Dorothy Parker and Lillian Hellman. For various reasons it took me three days of lunch breaks to read the whole article. Clearly the lunch time plan is not going to work. The TLS card has once again returned to the recycle bin. If I'm not careful I'm going to have to change the books in my little logo to waffles.