Thursday, January 12, 2006

Collecting Links

I've been collecting links of interest so thought tonight would be a good night for them since I will soon scurry away to watch Dancing with the Stars. I'm a sucker for ballroom dancing.

  • The Modern Muse Project. From Meg herself, creator of the project:
    The project began because of a personal interest in this topic -- for about seven years, I have been the muse to a poet friend of mine, and I've never understood the dynamic we have. Our poet-muse relationship seemed very different from the muses I've read about for previous literary figures. My own curiosity kept me wondering about contemporary artist/author-muse relationships and their own special dynamic. I would like to explore more of these relationships, examine common threads between them as well as distinctions, and -- most of all -- to celebrate these individuals and the work that comes from their relationship.
    And there's a blog
  • If you are a lit blogger you might have received the press release in your email box, if not, then, Void Magazine's current issue is books to film
  • According to Book Standard 2005 was a good year for book sales. Of course 75% of the sales went to only 200 books
  • Sony hopes it has the answer to your ebook dreams. The digital book reader supposedly has print display nearly as sharp as paper. Only problem is it will cost you US$300-$400 just for the reader. You still have to buy the books!
  • A report from the MLA Convention, publishers realize that people actually like the physical act of reading a book. (link via Bookslut)
  • This is not book related but still sure to help you sleep better tonight. Finally, scientists have figured out how bees fly. See, don't you feel better already?