Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Feeling a little uninspired this evening. It might have something to do with the headache I've had since this morning when I had a closed-door meeting with another coworker who had something florally stinky in her office. I am allergic to florally stinky things and she has a very small office. She is technologically stressed out right now and some of the things we were meeting about were on her computer. So I've been droopy ever since. Though I did perk up for my meeting with the boss and when lunch time rolled around. Amazing how that works. I did find out about a really cool book group that I might have to drag myself to. It is called the Artist's Bookshelf and is a co-sponsored group with the Friends of the Minneapolis Public Library and the Walker Art Center. The group focuses on shared themes between contemporary literature and contemporary art. Very cool. The next meeting is February 2 for a discussion of The Accidental Masterpiece: On the Art of Life, and Vice Versa by Michael Kimmelman. I just heard about this book recently and thought maybe I could read it in time, but even though the Friends of the Library are involved, the library isn't. There are only three copies of the book. One is locked up at the Central Library until it's grand opening in May. One is checked out until January 31st, and the other is due soon but has a hold on it. So I am aiming for the March 2nd discussion of Octavia Butler's Fledgling which I have sitting on my TBR shelf. There will be a related art exhibit at the time of the work of Kiki Smith. I am woefully deficient when it comes to contemporary art and know nothing about her but there will be a free tour of the exhibition before the book group meets. Having until March also gives me time to get through the books I am in the middle of as well as Where Shall Wisdom be Found? which I just picked up from the library today. Off to read!