Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bah Humbug!

Even though, as I have mentioned recently, I don't celebrate Christmas, I still love Dicken's A Christmas Carol. Now pair Dickens with Patrick Stewart, aka Captain Picard, and you've got a little slice of heaven on earth in my opinion. Stewart had been regualry performing dramitic readings of the classic story before he stepped into the studio to record it. Having had so much practice at it beforehand makes a immense difference and his reading is the best I've heard. The movie version is good too, though not as great as the audiobook. Every year, about this time, when my Bookman is getting tuckered out from being in retail during the holidays (it may be books, but it is still exhausting) and I'm getting worn out trying to explain yet again to people why I don't celebrate Christmas, why I celebrate Solstice, and no, I'm not Wiccan, we pull out A Christmas Carol. Most of the time we go for the audio but this year we took the easier way out and watched the movie. The movie viewing last night coupled with the fact that I am now on vacation until after New Year's, made for a lovely and cheerful day at work today. That's 13 days in a row in which I do not have to work; I do not have to pretend I am sorry if someone's computer is running slow; do not have to act sympathetic to the sobbing person who closed Word before saving the document she spent three hours on; do not have explain over and over how to access a particular shared folder on the network; do not have to un-jam the copier or printer or fax machine. Nope, it will be only me and my computer to worry about. And hours of uninterrupted reading bliss. I have Clarissa, and Crytonomicon, and Fabric of the Cosmos and Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading. Plus there are the shelves of books I own but have not read yet. Like Sandra, I buy far more books than I can actually read. 13 Days is not enough time to read those shelves of books, but just having that expanse of time in which to fantasize if heavenly. i'm not taking a blogging vacation, so do stop by from time to time!