Saturday, December 17, 2005

Fun Links for Your Eyes and Ears

A few links for you this afternoon.

  • If you're in San Francisco, it's your last chance to attend The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party this year. If you are not in the Frisco area, then you can read a bawdy review and wish you were there.
  • Here is an article about a newish website LibriVox, whose tagline is "accoustical liberation of books in the public domain." What does that mean exactly? Librivox volunteers read and record chapters of public domain books which are then made available to you for free. There are enough to keep you busy for a while and quite a few in the works. Maybe you could even volunteer to read? I can't stand to hear my voice on the answering machine so I am not a good candidate.
  • I heard about Walt Whitman: Song of Myself, an hour-long radio special, on Public Radio's Weekend America program earlier today. They played excerpts from it and it sounds amazing. I'll be checking it out in its entirety later today. It is for things like this that I love the internet. I am not in New York, but I can listen to a radio program on my computer that aired there several weeks ago.