Friday, September 30, 2005

Two Links and a Quote

As Banned Book Week winds down, here is an article on banning gay books. And here you can read an excerpt from Barbara Ehrenreich's new book Bait and Switch. It sent chills down my spine and raised my blood pressure a few notches. Finally, here's a bookish quote that I found appropriate given the recent urge to count multiple volumes:

If you have ten books which you have acquired because you truly want them, you are a collector and your library is in some degree a portrait of you. But few people with the book mania reckon their books in tens; they count them in hundreds and thousands. If you read a great deal you will almost certainly want some books which are out of the ordinary, because of their rarity or beauty. It is at this point that I beg you to be careful. You will be tempted to think of books as objects, not to be read, but to be possessed for show, and when that happens, you are easy prey to those booksellers who deal in harlot volumes, tricked out in pretty skins (which will not last becasue the leather is not well prepared) and bedizened with gold paint that used to be daubed on steam-heating coils. Robertson Davies, "Books are for Reading"
The excerpt is included in Where Books Fall Open by Bascove, a delightful book good for an afternoon's reading pleasure.