Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Count

Inspired by Bookworld, Golden Rule Jones, and This Space, I have been counting multiple volumes of books. Thank goodness my Bookman helped me or I'd have been at it for days. I counted all books (including different editions of the same book) by and about an author as well as a few books that one particular novelist (Ursula LeGuin) had translated. I made the cut off five or more and came away with a list of 103 different authors. So for the purpose of this post and an attempt at brevity, I cut the list off at 10 or more and still have 28 authors. My husband is as obsessive about books as I am and some of the authors on the list are his doing. So here it is: Virginia Woolf: 45 Adrienne Rich: 35 Charles Dickens: 29 Margaret Atwood: 24 Stephen King: 20 Shakespeare: 20 Doris Lessing: 18 Anne Rice: 18 Ursula LeGuin: 17 Amanda Cross/Carolyn Heilbrun: 15 Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman: 15 Robert Heinlein: 14 Marge Piercy: 14 Jane Austen: 13 Marion Zimmer Bradley: 12 Orson Scott Card: 12 Erica Jong: 12 A.A. Milne: 12 Lynn Abbey: 11 A.S. Byatt: 11 Samuel Delany: 11 Sharon Green: 11 Vita Sackville-West: 11 Laura Ingalls Wilder: 11 Stephen R. Donaldson: 10 May Sarton: 10 John Steinbeck: 10 Sheri Tepper: 10