Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Around the Net

  • Thurber Prize finalists have been announced. There are only three and I have read one of them--Jon Stewart's America. Very funny book. Has anyone read the othet two--The Borowitz Report or Funny in Farsi?
  • Now there's Google Blog Search. It puts me right up at the top. But how many people actually search for "so many books" to begin with? It's all a big tease.
  • Been meaning to catalog all of your books? Now there's LibraryThing, sort of like Flickr for your books. It's kind of cool. You get to enter 200 books for free--do any of you have only 200 books? More than that requires a $10 lifetime membership. The really nifty thing about it is that you can see what other people have in their libraries.
  • You've got to visit Artistic Interpretations. The site is filled with literary art that the site owner has collected. By literary art I mean artistic renderings of literary characters and authors. (link via Bookninja)