Thursday, June 09, 2005

Nothing Better

There is nothing better than getting books in the mail then getting a free book in the mail. A week or so ago I posted about Bookstore Tourism and saw on the blog that the first 50 people to send Mr. Portzline an email would get a free copy of his new book The Bookstore Tourism Travel Journal for Book Addicts On the Go. Miraculously, I was one of the lucky 50. The book has arrived and was even signed by the author. I was expecting something more along the lines of planning a bookstore vacation, but realized that was covered in his previous book Bookstore Tourism: The Book Addict's Guide to Planning & Promoting Bookstore Road Trips for Bibliophiles & Other Bookshop Junkies. The book I got is just what it says, a travel journal. Not a bad thing. It has pages all ready to receive your bookstore information from the name of the store and its address to phone and email to what you bought. It could actually come in handy for bookstore travelers. The score though is in the back of the book which lists internet "resources" and book fairs and literary festivals. I'll be checking out some of the websites and passing on any that I find of particular interest.