Saturday, April 02, 2005

It's Gone

So I got the image of the guy running through the sliding glass door in the movie A Home at the End of the World out of my head. How did I do it? By replacing it with something even more gruesome. I did indeed begin reading The Great Mortality last night. It is a fascinating book and the author likes to toss in the morbid details. Here is the passage that shocked the previous image out of my head (this describes plague ships):

Gradually each escaping vessel becomes a menagerie of grotesques. Everywhere there are delirious men who talk to the wind and stain their pants with bloody anal leakages; and weeping men who cry out for absent mothers and wives and children; and cursing men who blaspheme God, wave their fists at an indifferent sky, and burble blood when they cough. There are men who ooze pus from facial and body sores and stink to high heaven; lethargic men who stare listlessly into the cruel, gray sea; mad men who laugh hysterically and dig filthy fingernails into purple, mottled flesh; and dead men, whose bloated bodies roll back and forth across pitching decks until they hit a rail or mast and burst open like piñatas.
Nice eh? The oozing pus was bad enough but it was the piñata part that did me in.