Sunday, March 20, 2005

Happy Spring!

Ah, the first day of spring. A good amount of the six inches of snow from Friday has melted and the sun is shining for all its worth. Still need a jacket to go out, but today at least, it can be a light jacket sans mittens. I hope your Equinox, wherever you are is turning out as lovely. But even though it's spring and I want to frolic through the slush puddles, I still must read. Joe Queenan has an enjoyable and somewhat snarky article in the NY Times Book Review about ghostwriters, or rather books by celebrities that has been ghostwritten:

It is by saddling celebrities with such sober professionals that agents, editors and book packagers come to stand between the public and some truly unforgettable reading experiences; I personally would welcome the unghosted autobiography of Keanu Reeves or Paris Hilton or the unghosted memoirs of Michael Jackson. And, without the mediating force of a ghostwriter, Geraldo Rivera's ''Exposing Myself'' might have been really disgusting, not merely nauseating. By strategically positioning a goodnatured hack between the celebrity and the public, the publishing industry is doing fans of the joyously cretinous a terrible disservice. Let us never forget: by their words ye shall know them. Not by their ghostwriters' words.
That's all for today. Must go get some fresh spring air!