Sunday, January 23, 2005

When Books Collide

It is a delightful surprise when there is an accidental confluence of books. Don Quixote is filled with adventures of knight errantry. Then in The Castle of Crossed Destinies I come upon a story called "Two Tales of Seeking and Losing." One of those tales belongs to Parsifal. In this story is this little gem:

In the same way a knight-errant is one who submits his actions to an absolute and severe moral law, so that natural law can maintain abundance on earth with absolute freedom."
Don Quixote does indeed hold himself to a "severe moral law." At this point in the book, I am not sure if it has any more meaning to him other than that's just what knights errant do. The two books meeting, however briefly, gave me a little tickle of pleasure and served to remind me that not only people talk about books, but books talk about books and talk to other books as well. Ain't reading great?