Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What (Strange) Dreams May Come

I had a dream last night that I was a LiteraTech agent ala Thursday Next. I belonged to a group sort of like the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and we needed help. So my job was to go find Alan Quartermain and convince him to come help us. Unfortunately I don't know what happened because the group and I were searching for someone (not Alan) in a market-type place and we were trying to go through a booth/store that sold jewelry when my husband appeared from nowhere and dropped several earring display boards in front of me. I was trying to put them all back together and put the earrings back on them when the shop owner came over and began accusing me of trying to steal her jewelry. My "League" left me behind and I was stuck with the yelling shop lady and my husband dancing around and yammering "look at this necklace! Do you like it? I'll get it for you if you do." So I guess I won't be popping in and out of books with Thursday anytime soon. I can't even get it right in my dreams.