Friday, November 12, 2004

Links A Lot

By some estimates Chen Guidi and Wu Chuntao have sold 8 million copies of their book A Survey of Chinese Peasants. Unfotunately their royalties are no where near Stephen King's. Most of the copies of the book are pirated. Chinese authorities do not like the book and have banned it. The authors aren't complaining though. They see their book as part of a bigger struggle for change within China. I am awed by their bravery and wish them well. Some great links at NewPages, like this interview with Howard Zinn and this one with Stephen Dunn. And this one with Joyce Carol Oates. A glowing review at RainTaxi of Susanna Clarke's novel Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. My Bookman brought this home from his conference back in September and said it was supposed to be good, something to do with England and magic. It's a hefty tome and I had so much to read it ended up just going on the bookshelf. But after reading the review I think I will have to read the book sooner rather than later. And if you like history and are a fan of Marilyn French, you may be interested in the three volumes From Eve to Dawn: Origins, The Masculine Mystique, and Paradise and Infernoes. Judy Chicago raved about them on Sunday when I went to her new book signing. My Bookman got his mitts on them and they look great.