Monday, July 05, 2004

What to Pack for Vacation

From the Guardian, rules for you and your honey to choose vacation reading.

Spending a week-long holiday with your bibliophile better half is, of course, a far less grave commitment than marriage. Even so, packing is unlikely to be a cinch. Books are heavy, so it's wise to try to shrink your beach library by taking volumes you're both longing to read. That way, you end up carrying three books each, rather than six (which means, in my case, more room for unguents and shoes). The only trouble is what books do you both want to read? Can such a list possibly exist?
My beloved and I must have missed something somewhere because we are under the impression that when going on vacation books are for the numbing travel time and the rest of the time we will be far to busy having fun to really read much. Maybe this is why we never have any trouble. We each usually take only two books each and only paperbacks. Neither of us expects to be reading the other's books while we are away. The choosing of the vacation books is an individual responsibility. I can't speak for my Bookman, but I always go for one longish book that balances between plot and character, and one completely mindless candy book. So far this has carried me through all kinds of trips. Of course, we usually come home with more books than we left with, somehow managing to find a quaint bookstore somewhere that has some tomes for which we'd been looking for a long time. But that is something else entirely. We have no getaway plans this year, having spent our time laying cermaic tile in our basement guest bedroom and hallway (it looks wonderful!), but for those of you who do, may the book gods smile upon you.