Friday, June 18, 2004

Saved by a Book

Ever notice how when you are in need the right book will find you? I had one craptacular day at work yesterday (and its sequel today). I was in charge of a major software upgrade and let's just say things did not go smoothly (no fault of my own). So last night the last thing I wanted was to see a computer. A book was what I needed. Preferably a funny book. It just so happened that three weeks ago when I went to my neighborhood library to pick up a book I had on hold there, I decided to browse the shelves. I normally don't do this because my branch library is so tiny, but for some reason I felt compelled. And a book jumped off the shelf at me, The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams. I love Adams and the Hitchhiker's Guide (my dearest and I even have the TV episodes on DVD, Marvin is a hoot!) and Dirk Gently. It was a sad day when Adams died. I had not yet read Salmon for whatever reason, and I don't even own it. So when I saw it on the shelf I decided I needed to check it out. And it sat on my desk for three weeks. And I even thought that I'd return it today since it was due. But after my day yesterday it turned out that I needed that book. I started reading and forgot about work. I began to relax and I even laughed. I renewed the book. I have to finish it now. I'll be sure to tell you just how funny this book is in about a week. How the book gods knew that I was going to need to have Salmon to read last night I'll never know. But I am grateful.