Tuesday, May 11, 2004


My bookish thoughts are rather scattered today. As I mentioned in my May 5th post, I am reading 8 books at the moment and I am unable to finish any of them. I have been focusing lately on American Gods by Neil Gaiman which is getting really interesting, and volume one of Virginia Woolf's diary. I am excited about some new software I got yesterday at Amazon Bookstore Cooperative. It's called My Book Collection. Stupid name but spiffy software for cataloging and tracking my personal library. My dearest and I have been trying since we married our collections to catalog them all. We've had two different kinds of book software before on a PC and we never got past 100 books. Then we changed to Macs and couldn't find any satisfactory software we were willing to purchase so I made a simple AppleWorks database. We've made it to about 100 books. Now I've gone and bought this software. I'll let you know if we make it past 100 books. Wish us luck. Fans of gardening and Eudora Welty will be interested in this CNN news article about the restoration of Welty's garden. The garden was opened to the public last month and the house is being turned into a museum.