Thursday, May 06, 2004


As Morning Edition listeners know, Bob Edwards is no longer the host. I will miss his lovely voice telling me the news. But, he has written a book, Edward R. Murrow and the Birth of Broadcast Journalism. He talked about it last Friday night on NOW with Bill Moyers. And this morning he spoke with Renee Montagne about it. You can hear this morning's full interview here. And there are also excerpts from some of Murrow's famous broadcasts. He sounds like he was a brave man, a journalist with intergrity, and a magician with words. Listening to these excerpts I was saddened that we don't have journalists like him any longer. Or maybe we do and I just don't know where they are. Certainly Bill Moyers comes close, but even Moyers won't bite the hand that feeds him and lacks the flair for Murrow's description. What does one do when one longs for journalism like Murrow practiced in a day where making up stories and facts is not uncommon ala The New York Times scandal?