Monday, March 22, 2004

Librarians are Cool!

I've run across a few blurbs about librarians breaking out of the sterotype but not went any farther than the blurb. Until now. Thanks to Bust magazine's article on librarians and their nicely giving out some website addresses, a whole new world has opened up. There is the Lipstick Librarian:

You've seen her darting into the stacks in search of Moody'swearing Chanel knock-offs and Kenneth Cole shoes. You've glanced at her from the corner of your eye during conferences wolfing down free scones while decked in what you'd swear was last year's Mizrahi. Or you've seen her with that Linda Evangelista-like pout and Oliver Peoples frames as the umpteenth person has asked her where the bathroom is. And you wonder, "who is that exquisitely attired woman and are my tax dollars paying for it?" Who is she? She's a Lipstick Librarian!
The Laughing Librarian offers library and book humor. is a library blog that has a great header : I read therefore I'm dangerous. Repeal the USA PATRIOT Act. And how could anyone resist the blog of the Male Librarian Centerfold? Check them out and enjoy!