Wednesday, January 28, 2004

This and That

It's -7 outside, yes, that's seven degrees below zero. That's too cold to even think. The news just flashed "It's so cold you can freeze an egg on the pavement." Best to stay inside and read a book in front of the fireplace. Anyone know where I can get a fireplace? I sometimes ask myself how I could have bought a house in this fine state and not have a fireplace. What were the husband and I thinking? It's great reading weather but I haven't felt much like reading. That happens sometimes and it is always a little distressing even though I know it will pass in a few days. So instead of reading I've been doing mindless things like playing computer games or watching American Idol on television. I sure hope the need to read returns fast. A few things of note on the web. The Village Voice Word Salad feature has a funny short, Title Bouts, about the increasing length of book titles. A coworker of mine told me today about SASE: The Write Place, a small nonprofit that provides writing "classes" to all level of writers, both adults and kids but particularly at risk youth. They also have a writing program, Write On!, on the local radio station every week. The site has a link to the radio station where you can listen to the show on the internet. They talk about writing but they also interview authors and talk books. I've caught the show by accident a time or two but I'm generally at work when it's on. But now that I know it's on the internet I can listen after the fact. The World Wide Web is a grand thing.