Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ten Things I Love That Start With the Letter "P"

I got this meme from Sylvia who gave me the letter "P"

  1. Poetry. Remember the poetry meme Cam started? If that doesn't explain why poetry is one of my favorite things that start with "p" then I'm not sure what else will do it.
  2. Penguins. Because they are beautiful, amazing birds. They are also irresistibly cute and always impeccably dressed for a party.
  3. Pumpkin. Especially when it comes in the form of pie. Pumpkin butter is tasty on toast. What would Halloween be without carved pumpkins? I love growing pumpkins too. They are monster vines that have taken over my yard by September. The vines have spiky hairs on them that hurt and will poke even through gloves which provides a certain element of danger when picking them in October.
  4. Purple cone flowers. They are so pretty and easy to grow and the butterflies and bees love them. They really add life my garden.
  5. Pine cones. They have to be one of the niftiest seed delivery systems. They also make great projectiles when ambushing your sister during family camping trips. And they are a craft project waiting to happen all you need to add is peanut butter and bird seed. My mom was the leader of my Blue Bird troupe and I remember one Sunday taking a family drive into the mountains. That was the year my mom decided to collect her own mistletoe (and discovered she was allergic to it). The place we were at also had some huge pine cones. It began pouring rain. There were twelve girls in the Blue Bird troupe. Each one needed her own pine cone. My dedicated mother made my dad drive around until she had collected enough pine cones. She was also soaked through, her mistletoe rash had begun to develop, but by golly, everyone was going to get a pine cone.
  6. Peanut butter. Unsalted. Organic. Crunchy. I prefer mine on bread, not pine cones, and without bird seed please.
  7. Planning. I love planning things. Sometimes I think I like planning things more than actually doing them. And in general, the more complicated something is to plan, the more I like it. Lists and charts and calendars and more lists. Heavenly.
  8. Proust. Couldn't leave him off the list!
  9. Purring. I don't purr, but my cat does. There are few things that make me happier than to have a purring cat on my lap. I read a book once in which the people purred. They found that purring was the perfect pitch and sound that facilitated health and wellness so all the children and the sick people were purred at while they were cared for. I wish I could remember the title of that book!
  10. Philosophy. I like reading about Big Thoughts and people who think those thoughts and I like thinking about them too. And thus my philosophy project.
I have to just say I love physics too. Not the math part of it, but the conceptual part of it. Fascinating stuff. Would anyone else like to play? Let me know and I'll draw you a letter.