Tuesday, July 04, 2006


It being Independence Day I'm taking the day off from posting about books. I offer you instead something fun to play with--Microsoft adCenter Labs (link via Return of the Reluctant). Enter a key word or a url and you will get demographic information about the kind of people who use those key word searches or visit the url. For instance, here's what Microsoft has to say about the blog you are currently reading:

Gender Unknown with following probability: Male: 0.50 Female: 0.50 Age: <18 Oriented with following predicted distribution: <18: 25.55% 18-24: 23.34% 25-34: 17.23% 35-49: 17.10% 50+: 16.79%
What is it about the site that earns it an age prediction in which most of the readers are under 18? Maybe you are mostly under 18. In which case you are very bookish. Or have no friends. Or trolling for tidbits to put in your school homework. For your sake, I hope it's because you are bookish.