Tuesday, April 18, 2006


All of your comments on my post of yesterday are very encouraging and my voices are happy as can be. And The Tent is fantastic. Thank goodness I was sitting outside alone during my lunch break today because I laughed out loud a few times. Though my sister is quite concerned about all of you enabling my voices and book behavior. But what else is a sister for? She can harass me about my voices and I can harass her about not having an earthquake survival kit. Which brings me to note that today is the 100th anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake. The earthquake happened at about 5:12 am and it's estimated that at least 3,000 people, maybe more, died because of the earthquake and the fires that followed. Jack London and his wife were living in Sonoma County at the time and felt the quake. That very morning they set out for San Francisco to document the devastation in words and photos. I wanted to read Simon Winchester's A Crack in the Edge of the World by today but apparently everyone else in my fair city had the same idea because all the books were checked out or had holds on them at my library. My name has finally made it to the top of the list so the next copy returned will go to me. My Bookman listened to it on audio in the fall and enjoyed it. But I don't do audio books very well, I get distracted too easily. My voices are gleeful, however, because they know another book will soon be in progress.