Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Quickie

I'm off to my last session of Using Margaret Atwood. It's been a great class and if you haven't read Wilderness Tips, even if you don't like short stories, I recommend it highly. Here's a few links to keep you busy for a few minutes:

  • If you haven't tired of hearing about Margaret Atwood's LongPen. Is there nothing this woman can't do?
  • More Google Digitization. This time authors are being warned.
  • Congress renewed the Patriot Act. Revisions have been made to protect your rights. The new version clarifies that "most libraries" are not subject to demands for information about suspected terrorists. Most libraries? Is there a list somewhere of the libraries that would have to turn over the information? And nothing is mentioned about bookstores. I feel so much better now. Don't you?
  • There's a new book laying out the arguments for a Bush impeachment. And an interview with the author.
  • A review of Macaulay Culkin's debut novel. The reviewer doesn't pull any punches, stating in the first sentence that Culkin "has managed to lower the already low bar set for celebrity fiction." And it only gets worse.
  • And finally, a quiz from the Guardian in honor of International Women's Day. I got 6 out of ten. I feel guilty that I didn't do better than that.