Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Feeling Linky

  • I've read Kurt Vonnegut's story Harrison Bergeron before, but it really makes one pause to think. I'm for equality--equal opportunity, equal treatment under the law, etc--but I am not for everyone being the same. Being the same and being equal are two different things. Equality and diversity are not mutually exclusive in my book. The story was written in 1961 and as much as I like Vonnegut, I think he got it wrong.
  • If you feel like doing a little Thomas Pynchon Appreciation. C'mon! Get in on the love!
  • Jane Austen letter on display for the first time. Austen's gossipy letter to her sister mentions the just published Pride and Prejudice
  • Marianne Apostolides and Heather Birrell debate the pros and cons of Oprah's book club at Bookninja. I figure if Oprah gets people reading it has to be a good thing, right?