Monday, November 01, 2004


Some goodies from the Guardian:

  • A long and interesting article about Grace Paley of whom the author Ali Smith
    believes that if she does not get the recognition she deserves outside America it is because "she is about things that do not suit a high profile: the short form, the political everyday, the small survival (which is, actually, epic), the playful potential, the unsentimental hope. Like all great, great writers, she is uncategorisable. Her stories are specially compacted, primed to resonate, disconcert, and then force you, in a way that's somehow both gentle and extraordinarily tough, to be intelligent. They don't haunt; they preoccupy."
    My Bookman and I had the great fortune of attending a Paley reading a couple years ago. She is an amazing woman, full of life and stories.
  • Tom Wolfe on his new novel, America and politics. The NY times also has an article about Wolfe with a decidedly less political and a more American celebrity take.
  • A List! Jonathan Stroud's favorite fantasy books
And in the Wal-Mart's at it again category: We're not selling George Carlin's book either, so there! (via NewPages) Wal-Mart returned 3,500 copies of Carlin's newest book When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?, citing an "ordering error." They didn't believe the book would appeal to their customer base. However, they are selling it at their online store. Is there hypocrisy going on here or is it just me?