Friday, August 20, 2004

Friday Snippets

Heard a few interesting snippets on public radio on my way home from work today. Tomorrow is the Subterranean Poetry Gathering at Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale New York. Apparently everyone goes down into the now abandoned and historic mine and listens to poetry. Interesting concept. I'd try it at least once if I lived anywhere near New York. You can listen to the NPR story here (scroll about halfway down the page to "Low Poetry"). And Daniel Pinkwater gets grumpy over the use of the non-word "pundint" for "pundit." You can listen to that here (yes, I know it is just above the Subterranean Poetry story). I'm going to try and actually do some reading this weekend and avoid the Olympic mind control as much as possible. My books a piling up higher than usual and the ones on the top of the pile are even starting to get dusty. Yikes!