Saturday, September 02, 2006

Chaucer at the Fair

The weather yesterday was perfect for a day at the fair. We weren't sure how warm it was going to get so we began the fair at the animal barns. They were stinky enough without the heat, at least the goat barn was. Chaucer liked the goats but we were afraid they would like him too, so no photo op presented itself. Chaucer and the hosre In the horse barn, the horses were rather indifferent. Next up were the swine. The pen with the piglets was too crowded even for us to get a good view, and the biggest boar left no elbow room either. These little pigs appeared to be obliging.Chaucer gets piggy Don't let their innocent slumber fool you though. After the photo they woke up and we had to make a hasty retreat for fear of Chaucer's life as they stuck their snouts out thinking Chaucer was about the right size for a tasty snack! After his close call with the pigs, Chaucer was too nervous to approach the nibbling sheep. And the cows? Forget about it! Taking a breakClear of the animals Chaucer began to relax and enjoy himself in the crowds. But it is thirsty work roaming around, so we paused for a lemon-lime slushy. Feeling refreshed, Chaucer went to the horticulture building and bobbled at the impressive seed art. He also thought the moss beneath a 300 year-old bonsai looked soft and inviting for an afternoon siesta, but the guardians of the bonsai did not look like they would be willing to accommodate Chaucer's rest. Onward through the crowds. Chaucer bobbled at some beautiful art. His favorite was a still life of four pears and off to the side was a fifth pear approaching on little cartoon legs. Chaucer also like a painting entitled "Marbles Gone Bad." Topiary ChaucerBut what really got him excited was the herd of topiary animals outside the Eco building. These animals weren't going to try and eat him so he could get up close and personal. Pay no attention to the hand in the picture, 'tis nothing but a fellow pilgrim lending Chaucer some extra support. After a long an tiring day, we climbed onto our return bus but the bus driver went missing. There was nothing to worry about though when Chaucer took the wheel! On the Bus Today's Emerson has been postponed until next Saturday. Chaucer's going shopping at the Mall of America!